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Melbourne, 01.02.23

With Andras

This month’s show features sound and music from the Powerhouse Museum archives. Diving into their collection of over 500,00 objects, i’ve pulled together samples, live performances, radio plays, soundtracks, and degraded tape renditions of popular music. From an automaton bird cage, an art deco clock, toy robots, and tuning forks to steams engines, Sounding the Collection is a sonic archive from the Powerhouse that brings objects sitting silent in the collection to audition. Designed to breathe life back into objects, this archive is part of range of projects that activates the museum's collection of material culture. Massive thanks to Mara, Cara and Callum for giving me the keys to the museum.


  • Powerhouse Promotional Ad (1988)
  • Corin And Rainbow Chan
    Live Performance (Hohner Clavinet D6, Rhodes Piano Bass, And Roland SH-101) (Excerpt)
  • Lachy Doley Hammond
    Live Performance (Hammond B3) (Excerpt)
  • Felicity Mangan
    100 Climate Conversations Sound Design
  • Asatone
    The River At Work
  • Midori Takada
    Revealing Resonance (Excerpt) With Samples From Sounding The Collection Including Toys And Automata
  • Unknown Artist
    Mr Maliks Tape Of Persian Tar Music (Excerpt)
  • Holden
    V8 Motor Cold Start After Years In A Paddock
  • Sounding The Collection
    Matchbox Police Car & Other Samples
  • 'Bus Dis IV' Luke Pitt Mix
    Recording For SLATS, 1988 (Excerpt)
  • Eric B. & Rakim (Coldcut mix) 
    Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)
  • The Kane Gang 
    Don't Look Any Further (Mantronik Mix)
  • Mo Aung
    Sounding The Collection Late Live Performance (Excerpt)
  • Lucy Cliche
    Sounding The Collection Late Live Performance (Excerpt)
  • Royal Command
    Sweatbox Dance Party At The Hordern Pavilion 1989(Excerpt)
    Score From 151ºE (Latitudes)
  • Alexandra Spence
    Stellar Nullius (Oscillations Episode 2)
  • Skylab 
  • Midori Takada
    Revealing Resonance (Excerpt)
  • Schubert
    Beale & Company Ltd Player Piano
  • Linda Vogt And Catherine Fluke
    Demonstration Of John Amadio Flutes (Excerpt)
  • The Mojos 
    Seven Daffodils
  • George McKelvey 
    My Radiation Baby (My Teenage Fallout Queen)
  • Dionne Warwick 
    Walk On By
  • Los Machucambos
    Granada (For Scopitone Jukebox Films)
  • Paul De Maranis
    Trentesima Lezione
  • Sounding The Collection
    Photograph & Other Samples
  • Kings Cinema Fotoplayer
    Recording (Made By The American Photo Player Company)