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Roosevelt Sykes

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Roosevelt Sykes

Roosevelt Sykes has been played on NTS in shows including Nabihah Iqbal , featured first on 3 December 2019. Songs played include Long, Lonesome Night.

Roosevelt Sykes (January 31, 1906, Elmar, Arkansas – July 17, 1983, New Orleans, Louisiana) was an American blues musician, also known as "The Honeydripper". He was a successful and prolific cigar-chomping blues piano player, whose rollicking thundering boogie-woogie was highly influential.

Sykes had a long career spanning the pre-war and postwar eras. His pounding piano boogies and risqué lyrics characterize his contributions to the blues. He was responsible for influential blues songs such as "44 Blues", "Driving Wheel", and "Night Time…

Long, Lonesome Night
Roosevelt Sykes
Prestige Bluesville1960
Long, Lonesome Night
Roosevelt SykesPrestige Bluesville1960