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Nabihah Iqbal

London, 03.12.19

With Nabihah Iqbal

London-based DJ and producer Nabihah Iqbal (formerly known as Throwing Shade) brings you an ethnomusicological perspective on weird and wonderful music from around the world. Expect regular themed special episode; a good dose of history, and above all, good music to broaden your horizons. Every other Tuesday, midday-1pm. You can listen back to previous Throwing Shade episodes here


  • Giuseppe Coter 
    Yes, I Love Micombero
  • Abinash Chandra
  • Reverend Gary Davis In Concert
    I'm Going To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River
  • Kimio Eto 
    Yuki No Genso (Snow Fantasy)
  • Erna Skaug
    Ingerid Sletten Sung
  • Davey Graham 
    Leavin' Blues
  • Davy Graham 
    Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair
  • Madeline Bell 
    Comin' Atcha
  • Roosevelt Sykes 
    Long, Lonesome Night
  • The Grateful Dead 
    St. Steven
  • Ravi Shankar 
    Raga: Multani