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Moodman has been played on NTS shows including Okonkole Y Trompa , with Bali Moon (Moodman Remix) first played on 29 January 2020.

MoodMan viz The Man Full of Moods is at bottom Witold Rolnik, born in 1978 musician, composer, poet, vocalist and producer. It was his head where the whole framed in sounds idea of album called The Man Of The New Age was invented. He plays acoustic guitar since being 16, his adventure called MUSIC has started at 2013 when he’d get his Voucher for professional recording session at Karlin Studio in Poznań, where he had recorded acoustic version of Led Zeppelin’s Than…

Bali Moon (Moodman Remix)
Kyo Sakurai (Moodman mix)
Room Full Of Records2015
Bali Moon (Moodman Remix)
Kyo Sakurai (Moodman mix)Room Full Of Records2015