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Paris, 29.01.20

Pam of Okonkole Y Trompa invites a guest mix from avant pop artist Céline Gillian.

Céline: "I was invited by Pam to do a mix on NTS and I did a selection about money. It made me realize that the more music becomes experimental the less you will find titles and lyrics about money, while you find tons of those in pop music. It seems like the intellectual elite still doesn’t want to listen to music or make music about money. I think we should talk about money especially in art, especially now."


  • Ryuichi Sakamoto
    L.O.L.’s Opening Theme
  • Masafumi Takada, Jun Fukuda
    Outside Akumojo Castle
  • Asa Tone 
    To Tell A Picture
  • Kyo Sakurai (Moodman mix) 
    Bali Moon (Moodman Remix)
  • Anadol 
    Ay Çürüdü
  • Jonnine 
    You Can Leave The Vampires
  • Mouth Music 
    Seinn O!
  • Windsor Riley 
    The Move Of Life
  • Plastic Project 
    7 A.M. (First Step)
  • June Chikuma 
    Oddman Hypothesis
  • Martin Swan
    Martin Martin
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto 
  • Céline Gillain
    Money, Money, Money_Mix
  • ABBA 
    Money, Money, Money
  • James Ferraro 
    Million Dollar Man
  • Raz Ohara 
    Ass For Cash
  • Leftfield 
    Chant Of A Poor Man
  • Gesloten Cirkel
    Where’s Your Cash
  • Stevie V
    Dirty Cash (Set Frozen Mix)
  • Frank Ocean 
    Not Just Money
  • Ten Wanted Men 
    "4" Corners Pt. 3
  • Prince, The New Power Generation 
    Money Don't Matter 2 Night (Edit)
  • The O'Jays 
    For The Love Of Money
  • The Slits 
    Spend, Spend, Spend
  • Suicide 
    Fast Money Music
  • Gang Of Four 
    A Hole In The Wallet
  • Suzanne Ciani
    And All Dreams Are Not For Sale
  • Sade 
    When Am I Going To Make A Living
  • Leikeli47 
  • Tierra Whack
  • Roger Whittaker 
    If I Were A Rich Man
  • Ethel Ennis 
    Love For Sale