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The Uncalled For

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The Uncalled For

The Uncalled For has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 24 February 2020. Songs played include Do Like Me.

The Uncalled For is a 1960s garage band, hailing from Youngstown, Ohio. Their first single was released in 1967, and featured the songs "Do Like Me" and "Get Out Of My Way." The single was originally released on the record label "Dollie," but later was picked up onto the record label "Laurie."

Another The Uncalled For formed in the 2000s, playing Modern Garage Rock in Southern California's Inland Empire. They are inspired by the hundreds of known and…

Do Like Me
The Uncalled For
Laurie Records1967
Do Like Me
The Uncalled ForLaurie Records1967