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Tom Cora

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Tom Cora

Tom Cora has been played on NTS shows including Absolute Fiction, with War OD first played on 21 March 2020.

Tom Cora (born Thomas Henry Corra) (September 14, 1953 - April 9, 1998), was a United States cellist and composer, best known for his improvisational performances in the field of experimental jazz and rock. He recorded with John Zorn, Butch Morris and The Ex, and was a member of Curlew, Third Person and Skeleton Crew.

Tom Cora was born in Yancey Mills, Virginia, United States. He made his musical debut as drummer on a local television program and in the mid-1970s he played guitar for a…

War OD
The Ex, Tom Cora
RecRec Music, Ex Records1993
War OD
The Ex, Tom CoraRecRec Music, Ex Records1993