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Absolute Fiction presents ZAPIS

Manchester, 21.03.20

This month is a Rychlicki Kostkiewicz (Warsaw/ Wrocław, Poland) special to celebrate our next tape release 'Rychlicki Kostkiewicz - ZAPIS' , the whole tape is played in the beginning (30 mins long) followed with a mix of influences from Hubert Kostkiewicz.


  • Rychlicki Kostkiewicz
    ZAPIS (30 Mins Tape)
  • عبده العماري, Abdou El Omari 
    مواعيد = Mawa'Aid
  • Orgue Agnès 
    Fume Futur
  • The Ex, Tom Cora 
    War OD
  • Tana's Legend (Live) (From "There Where The Avalanche Stops
    Music From The Gjirokastra Folk Festival, Albania, 1988, Volume One)
  • Mikan Mukku 
    Chin Dan
  • The Dreams
    Milk By Itself
  • Teddy And His Patches 
    Suzy Creamcheese