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Galina Grigorjeva

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Galina Grigorjeva

Galina Grigorjeva has been played on NTS shows including Tafelmusik w/ Francesco Fusaro, with In Paradisum first played on 6 April 2020.

Galina Grigorjeva (Галина Владимировна Григорьева) is a Soviet-Estonian Composer.

Born in Crimea, Ukraine, Galina Grigorjeva studied at the Simferopol Music School and Odessa Conservatoire. In 1991, she graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatoire under Prof. Yuri Falik and was engaged in postgraduate studies with Lepo Sumera at the Estonian Academy of Music 1994–1998. Galina Grigorjeva is appointed Composer-in-Residence at the NYYD Ensemble for the season 2006/2007. Now she works as a freelance composer.

Music of Galina Grigorjeva has been performed in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany,…

In Paradisum
Galina Grigorjeva
In Paradisum
Galina GrigorjevaOndine2016