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Jesse Bru

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Jesse Bru

Jesse Bru has been played on NTS shows including Franchise Radio, with Science Is Science first played on 27 June 2020.

West Coast producer, MC and DJ Jesse Bru, draws full-bodied, impressionistic lines where less finessed artists draw blanks. Taking his creative cues from early-90’s sample-based hip hop, Bru’s deep house treatment remains decidedly modern – and mighty soulful. He also moonlights as one half of Vancouver duo Hot Keys (alongside Ryan Trann). His sample-strong debut album, MidCity (2012) on UK label Audio Parallax finds his sharp, fluttering grooves laced with hints of cut-up jazz, dubby acoustics and celestial vocals.

Science Is Science
Jesse Bru
MSLX Recordings2016
Science Is Science
Jesse BruMSLX Recordings2016