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Rosetta Hightower

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Rosetta Hightower

Rosetta Hightower was first played on NTS on 20 August 2020. Songs played include Big Bird.

Rosetta Hightower, a black soul singer, was first a member of the Philly girl group the Orlons along with Shirley Brickley, Marlena Davis, and Stephen Caldwell who scored several US hits between 1962-1964 on Cameo. They were very sucessful nationally, as well as regionally, with hits including ‘The Wah Watusi’, ‘Don't Hang Up’, ‘South Street’, and ‘Not Me’. Rosetta and her fellow Orlons also sang back up on Dee Dee Sharp's big early 60's dance hit "Mash Potato Time".

In the later 60's, as the girl group craze faded, Rosetta…

Big Bird
Rosetta Hightower
Big Bird
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