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Phambinho w/ MIIA LAINE - South-Korean Protest Music

London, 23.03.21

The 1970s and '80s were a turbulent time in South Korea under authoritarian military rule. The government routinely censored music, while the student movements distributed illegal cassette tapes of songs that became central to the pro-democracy movement. In today's show, Miia plays you mostly banned folk, rock and protest songs of this era, as well as interview snippets with Prof. Kim Chang Nam, a student activist at the time and founding member of the protest student song group Nochasa 노찾사 Photo credit: Lena Laine


  • 신중현 Shin Joong Hyun & The Men
    아름다운 강산 Beautiful Rivers And Mountains
  • 이장희 Lee Jang Hae
    그건 너
  • 양희은 
    이루어질 수 없는 사랑
  • 김민기 
  • 메아리
    주여, 이제는 여기에
  • 방의경 Bang Eui-Kyung
  • Song Chang Sik 
    가위 바위 보
  • 이정선 Lee Jeong Seon
  • 이장희 Lee Jang Hae
    그 여인 그 표정
  • Kim Doo Soo, 김두수 
    작은 새의 꿈
  • 김정미 Kim Jung Mi
    햇님 Haenim