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Phambinho - Sounds of Sinlung: Music of the Hmar Tribe w/ Lalhrietzuol

London, 31.10.23

This mix showcases the music from a small tribe living in the foothills of the Himalayas. Their genesis begins from a great boulder called Sinlung, possibly in the present Tailing or Silung of Yunan Province of today’s China. Starting off as a semi nomadic group of hunter/cultivators moving through Myanmar, and various pockets of the northeast India and a majority of the settlers in Tuithaphai, Manipur- The Hmar tribe is a group whose entire history has been a constant state of diaspora. Their music is heavily dictated by the lack of a script- passing down their stories through oral sounds. Almost every circumstance within the community has a story in songs to back it up. The mix starts off with the hunters call- a special song given to each Hunter, a victory hymn (Sikpui Hla) and some snippets of the melodious intonations of our spoken language. Throughout the mix- we see the contrasts between pre and post colonial Hmar Tribe, and how the eventual conversion into Christianity brings change in their sounds with nods to hymnody, protest folk, gospel, rockabilly, new wave, and 90's pop. Songs from the Hmar/Mizo heartlands that people from almost every generation can recall, despite its diminished stature in context of mainland India the musical prowess stands ingenously tall. Presently with the civil war that has been brewing in Manipur since May 2023 which almost all media outlets have refused to cover or amplify. I hope this mix serves as a vessel to remind us of a more peaceful time for the tribals before the threat of uprootment and forced displacement from the one place we thought we could call our home. Mixed by: Ruhail Qaisar @iakksakkath Mastered by: Julien Racine @racine.corporation


  • Hmar Râl Hlado
    Thusamtu : S Damkung, Pasalṭha
  • Sikpui Hla
    Hmar Tribal Song
  • Hmangaihna Khingbai
    Zodi, Thanghlira
  • Min Hnam Lo Ber Ani
  • Tleitir Lukir Feng Chhingi
    Pi Thantluangi
  • Chhailai Di Lenna
    Lalsangzuali Sailo
  • Rock Ṭhul
    T Melody (Lalnunsanga & Zaithanmawia)
  • Ngailai Lungdi
  • Kar An Mi Lo Dan
    Hrangneisang Hrangate
  • Aw Kahinkho
  • Corrsa
    Zodingpui Zote
  • Valkuahlawri
    Lalsangzuali Sailo
  • Sakhmel Mawi
    Lalrindiki Khiangte Daduhi
  • Khua Hmun Loh Di
    Lalrindiki Khiangte Daduhi
  • Ruol Hlui Mangṭha