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In Focus: Ron Trent

Chicago, 04.09.20

Focus on Ron Trent

A talent from an impossibly young age, Chicago producer and DJ Ron Trent began his musical career aged 14, the year he produced the febrile, wild Chicago anthem "Altered States". His production output has barely let up since, minting numerous labels and sublabels to release his and other's music, most notably Prescription Records, which helped define the smoky and jazz-indebted sound of deep house in the 1990s.

This In Focus is a two and a half hour dancefloor session, exploring the sounds of one of Chicago house's most enduring talents. Compiled, mixed and edited by Secretsundaze

Collection: Sweat


  • Warm 
    Blue Sunrise
  • The It 
    Monterey (Album Version)
  • Ron Trent 
    Hooked On Your Love "1982"
  • Ron Trent 
    Pop, Dip And Spin
  • USG, Monica Elam 
    Life 4 Living
  • African Blues 
    Word Sound Power
  • Ron Trent 
  • Ron Trent 
    Boogie Down
  • Ron Trent 
    City Beat "1991"
  • Ron Trent 
    Urban Skylinez
  • Juan Hoerni, Phil Sheeran (Ron Trent mix) 
    J'Attends (Ron Trent's Deep Friction Mix))
  • missingsoul 
    Luna Eternelle
  • 4 Hero (Ron Trent mix) 
    Escape That (Ron's Choice Remix)
  • Ron, Manoo 
    The Sound
  • Ron Trent 
    YNF (You'll Never Find)
  • Ron Trent & Chez Damier
    Sometimes I Feel Like
  • Ron Trent 
  • Ron Trent Featuring Tkumah Sadeek
  • Ron Trent 
    Altered States
  • Ron & Chez D
    Don’t Try It
  • Chez N Trent
    Morning Factory (Dubplate)
  • Chez N Trent
    Morning Factory (Vocal Version)
  • USG 
    A Tribute To Fela Kuti (Angel Vox)
  • Ron Trent 
    Manifesto (Bewe Effect)
  • RT Factor
    7th Heaven
  • Skymark (Ron Trent mix) 
    Find A Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent Mix)
  • Ron Trent 
  • Ron Trent