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Death Threat

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Death Threat

Death Threat has been played on NTS shows including Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic, with Gusto Kong Bumaet first played on 3 October 2020.

Death Threat is an American metalcore band formed in Connecticut in 1997. At its inception, Death Threat was composed of former Hatebreed members. Lead vocalist Aaron Butkus co-founded the band with CJ. Before leaving the band after the release of Peace and Security (2000), CJ played a key role in writing many of the band's songs.

After continuous touring with internationally acclaimed acts like Blood for Blood, Vision of Disorder, Agnostic Front, and Hatebreed, the band quickly established itself…

Gusto Kong Bumaet
Death Threat
Neo Records Inc.1993
Gusto Kong Bumaet
Death ThreatNeo Records Inc.1993