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Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic

Los Angeles, 02.10.20

With Vex Ruffin

Possiblemusic & Stones Throw Records' affiliate Vex Ruffin lays it down for an hour a month, live from our LA studio.


  • George Javier
    Na-Onseng Delight
  • Ric Arellano 
    Daldalero's Delight
  • Vincent Daffalong 
    Ispraken Delight
  • Yoyoy Villame
    Rapido Rock
  • Kosmic Kapers 
    Planet Rock
  • Sheree Simmons
    Wordy Rapping Hood
  • Musix 
  • Francis M
    Gotta Letcha Know
  • The Bronx, Homeboy Jorge
    Searchin' For Love
  • Mastaplann 
    Is It Tyme
  • 4 East Flava
    Saturday Night
  • Andrew E. 
    Humanap Ka Ng Panget
  • Danz Floor Terrorist 
    C-No BA?
  • Rapasia 
    Hoy! Tsismosa
  • Death Threat 
    Gusto Kong Bumaet
  • Magicman Kulas 
    Get A Job
  • DJ Arbie Won 
    I Originate
  • The Venus Flytrap Collective