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Hank Jacobs

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Hank Jacobs

Hank Jacobs has been played on NTS shows including No Weapon Is Absolute, with Elijah Rockin' With Soul first played on 18 November 2020.

Hank Jacobs (Henry Jacobs, Los Angeles, California, December 14, 1946) is an American Hammond organ and piano player.

Jacobs was 17 when he first ran his fingers over a keyboard. In the early -1960s he met songwriter-arranger Kent Harris (previous leader of Boogaloo and his Gallant Crew, who hit the rhythm and blues charts in 1956 rappin' about "Cops and Robbers") and together they made the rounds, working studio sessions in the south in addition to New York, Los Angeles and…

Elijah Rockin' With Soul
Hank Jacobs
Call Me Records1967
Elijah Rockin' With Soul
Hank JacobsCall Me Records1967