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No Weapon Is Absolute w/ Cosmo Vitelli - Northern Soul Special

Paris, 18.11.20

Cosmo Vitelli & DJ Sundae head up the monthly hour-long slot for No Weapon Is Absolute, direct from Paris…


  • The Ad Libs 
    Kicked Around
  • Ron And Candy 
    Lovely Weekend
  • Gloria Ann Taylor 
    Love Is A Hurting Thing
  • Key & Cleary
    Help Build Buffalo
  • Raw Soul 
    The Gig
  • Johnny Jones & The King Casuals
    Purple Haze
  • Christian Adams 
    Loneliness Is Always Around
  • N.F. Porter 
    Keep On Keeping On
  • Eddie Holdman
    I Surrender
  • Hank Jacobs 
    Elijah Rockin' With Soul
  • Rita And The Tiaras
    Gone With The Wind Is My Love
  • Esther Williams 
    You Gotta Let Me Show You
  • Al Wilson 
    The Snake
  • Freddie Chavez
    They'll Nevwer Know
  • Timi Yuro 
    It'll Never Be Over For Me
  • Mel Tormé 
    Comin' Home Baby
  • The Luther Ingram Orchestra
    Exus Trek
  • Dee Irwin
    I Only Get This Feeling
  • Emmit Long 
    Call Me
  • Young-Holt Unlimited 
    California Montage
  • California Rock Choir
    Whoever Your Are
  • Pastor T. L. Barrett, The Youth For Christ Choir 
    Nobody Knows