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10 Years of Principe - DJ Firmeza

Lisbon, 29.12.21

DJ Firmeza proudly herald's from Quinta do Mocho in the periphery of Lisbon, a social housing bairro home to a diversely disfranchised afro-portuguese and lusophone immigrant community specially know for its OGs Dj Nervoso and Dj Marfox. Firmeza (aka Fifaz) is a revered and unmatchable DJ among the youth culture who live and shape the afrodiasporic post-kuduro ecosystem. Master of a unique percussive-heavy trance-inducing style to the art of mixing, he has been playing out in a wide amplitude of contexts and settings, from a Berlin's Schinkel Pavillon terrace party to a Bienne's geodesic compound in the woods, from a wrap up party at Germany’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale to a memorable performance in Lowlands festival, besides a couple of US & Canada visits and touring lyf in Beijing, Shenzhen and Seoul. In the last stages of 2017 he saw the release of "Pai Nosso", a short essay film centered on his present day life directed by new-york director Clayton Vomero. In 2019 he released the follow up "Ardeu" EP to his 2015 debut "Alma Do Meu Pai" EP, both on Príncipe, and contributed music for The World Isn’t Everything for Telfar’s SS2020 collection.

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