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Birmingham, 10.09.19

Broadcasting out of Birmingham, Arrhythmia is a monthly exploration of interesting new audio and abnormal rhythms. Expect irregular, dark or heavy - but not always.


  • Burning Witch 
    Country Doctor
  • Jazzfinger 
    Shribble By The Shoals And Stepping Stones
  • Sex Swing 
    The Murder Of Maria Marten
  • Grey Hairs 
  • Fret (Scald Process mix) 
    Salford Priors (Scald Process Version)
  • AMé 
  • Blood Music 
    There Is No Centre And There Never Was
  • Blood Music 
    I Like To Enjoy Myself
  • Kan Mikami
    Dare Wo Urameba Iinode Gozaimashouka
  • Kim Doo Soo
    Rugosa Rosa
  • Seth Nehil 
  • Jazzfinger 
    Cube That Ruined Newton
  • Tony Conrad, C. Spencer Yeh & Michael F. Duch
    Lasse Marhaug
  • Asva 
    A Game In Hell, Hard Work In Heaven
  • Agathe Max, Natalia Beylis 
    She Should Be The Queen Of All The Flowers