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Birmingham, 16.11.21

Broadcasting out of Birmingham, Arrhythmia is a monthly exploration of interesting new audio and abnormal rhythms. Expect irregular, dark or heavy - but not always.


  • The Fall 
    Dr Buck's Letter
  • Puce Mary 
    Fragments Of A Lily
  • Powers / Rolin Duo 
  • Sophie Cooper 
    The Pack
  • Astrid Øster Mortensen 
    Gro Mig En Blomst
  • Andra Ljos 
    Spring Of The Muses
  • Southeast Of Rain
    Day 18 To Frank The Owl
  • Aram Bajakian 
    Japanese Love Ballad
  • Normil Hawaiians 
    Quiet Village
  • Chirs Corsano & Bill Orcutt
    Man Carrying Thing
  • Gnod 
    Giro Day
  • John Collin
  • Mike Gangloff 
    Waiting For My Rider Back From Town
  • The Children Of Sunshine
    It's A Long Way To Heaven
  • Wild Rani
    Ruminations Until All Done (Excerpt)
  • Body/Dilloway/Head
    Goin' Down
  • Black Dice 
    Downward Arrow
  • Raime 
  • Wolf Eyes 
    C.Centers One
  • Carl Stone
  • Jane Arden, Mihai Dragutescu