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Aaron Angell - Guitar Soli Special

London, 16.04.20

Visual artist and ceramicist Aaron Angell plays a vinyl-only monthly selection of music from his collection - usually focussing on guitar soli, privately pressed UK folk, psychedelia, and the occult new age.


  • Children’s Dance
    Harry Taussig
  • Springtime In Azalea City
    John Fahey
  • Slide Guitar Foolin
    Al Cook
  • Eeee Minor
    Gene Estribou & Jean-Paul Pickens
  • Rose & Briar
    George Cromarty
  • Studie Number 3
    Russell Potter
  • The Dark In The Dish
    Maurizio Angeletti
  • Ferns
    Maurizio Angeletti
  • Ezra Fox
    Arvid Burman Smith, Jr
  • Raga
    Jim Ohlschmidt
  • Carried Away
    Carl Erdman
  • John’s Slow Blues In ‘E
    Jim Ohlschmidt
  • Wind’s Gonna Blow Your Blues Away, Poor Boy
    Maurizio Angeletti