Absolute Fiction

Manchester, 18.05.19

Absolute Fiction runs through 80's post punk, synth and industrial once a month.


  • Cachao
    Ko-Wo, Ko-Wo
  • Ray Baretto
    Tin Tin Deco
  • Medeski Martin & Wood
    Latin Shuffle
  • Ray Baretto
    Espíritu Libre
  • Xango Dzakuta Jb De Carvalho
  • Charles Mingus
    Solo Dancer
  • Miles Davis
    Dr Jackal
  • Soko Steidle
    Cheers For H. M.
  • Brötzmann, Noble
    Mouth On Moth
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
    Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude)
  • David Joseph
    You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)
  • Dinosaur L
    Go Bang (Original Version)

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