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Acid Memories w/ Maria P

Paris, 29.11.17

"María P. has been Djing regularly in clubs and festivals (Portugal, Spain, UK, Netherlands, France...) since she started as a radio DJ involved in the jazz scene in Spain 15 years ago. In her DJ sets she explores many kinds of sonorities; Jazz, Soul, R&B, Funk, Garage, and Psychedelia. As a record collector, she has no genre limits, although European Folk and Electronic Music have been her latest obsessions. Her last project is Electric Rainbow, a collective and a club focused on the electrification of folklore."


This mixtape was recorded from vinyl. Twice a week, I read Tarot in a place open to the public. By doing this session I realized that this recording had the mood of the card THE MOON. This card represents a hero, that is us, crossing a deep and dark forest. Symbolizes the paths that we are forced to take in loneliness and the need of facing our own demons. It is the black forest of our mind. To me, this mixtape gives sound to this introspective adventure.

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