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Aldous RH

Manchester, 01.11.21

With Aldous R. H.

Old psych jams, soul, folk-rock and generally all-round pleasant radio sounds from Aldous RH. Once a month from our Manchester studio - tune in…


  • The Moving Sidewalks 
    You Don't Know The Life
  • Paul McCartney 
    Arrow Through Me
  • George Duke 
    Faces In Reflection No.2
  • The Chi-Lites 
    Someone Elses Arms
  • Todd Rundgren 
    Say No More
  • Sad Eyes
  • Watson & Birdlife
    Jame San Waruu
  • Tom Settle
    Settle Down
  • Homeshake 
    I Don't Play
  • Don Dicaprio
    I'm So Frezin
  • Woo
    Is It Love
  • Aldous RH
    I've Become 2 Need U
  • Rotary Connection
    Didn't Wanna Have To Do It
  • Earth Wind N Fire
    Fair But So Uncool
  • The Sylvers 
    Fool's Paradise
  • Superstar & Star
    The Blood Comes Rushing To My Head
  • Little Sister 
    Somebody's Watching You
  • James Brown And The Famous Flames 
    If I Ruled The World
  • Aaliyah 
    Choosey Lover (Old School / New School)
  • Dialect
    I'm Gonna Watch
  • Brian Eno, David Byrne 
  • King Crimson 
    Man With An Open Heart
  • Outer Limits Recordings 
    Burnin Thru The Nite
  • Outfit