Aldous RH w/ The Birthmarks

Manchester, 04.05.19

With Aldous R. H.

Old psych jams, soul, folk-rock and generally all-round pleasant radio sounds from Aldous RH. Once a month from our Manchester studio - tune in…


  • The Sylvers
    I’ll Never Be Ashamed (Again)
  • Adam Raj Carless
    Pillow Talk
  • Babyfather
  • Mononeon
    Hot Cheetos
  • Sly
    Just Like A Baby
  • Sasac
    Jaco Kelly
  • Cate Le Bon
    The Light
  • Minnie Ripperton
    Only When I'm Dreaming
  • Suicide
    Dream Baby Dream
  • Nick Hakim
    Vincent Tyler
  • Bone, Thugs & Harmony ( Markus Schulz mix )
    First Of Tha' Month
  • Sonic Youth
    The Burning Spear
  • Kimono Man
    I'm Gonna Watch
  • Silk Rhodes
    Barely New
  • Atcapacity
    Phone Sex
  • Raymond Scott
    Sleepy Time

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