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Alessandro Cortini

Los Angeles, 27.01.17

With Alessandro Cortini

The accomplished Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails and SONOIO brings his synth scholarship to NTS' Los Angeles studio for a two hour show.


  • Aphex Twin 
    no stillson 6 cirk
  • Ekman 
  • Assembler / Responder
    Fractal Seam
  • Abul Mogard 
    Desires Are Reminiscences By Now
  • Hypoxia
    Active Tension
  • Donato Dozzy 
    Cross Panorama
  • Andy Stott 
  • Richard Lainhart
  • Vangelis
    Case 01
  • Yoshio Machida
    Synthi Nº29
  • Franco Battiato
    Improvvisazioni Goutez Et Comparez
  • Dino Spiluttini
    Acto Uno
  • An
    I & Capablanca - Farsi Farce
  • Mark Verbos 
    In The Back Room
  • Kevin Drumm 
    We All Get It In The End