Live now

Alexander Nut

London, 16.10.16

With Alexander Nut

Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins us for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.


  • Jackie Dee 
  • The Impressions 
    We Must Be In Love
  • Willie Wright 
    Right On For Darkness
  • Wild Sugar 
    Bring It Here
  • Logg 
    I Know You Will
  • Mahogany 
    My Chance To Dance
  • Beckie Bell 
    Music Madness
  • Ron Trent 
    Boogie Down
  • K
    Alexi - The Dancer (Glenn Underground Remix)
  • Neon Phusion Feat. New Sector Movement
    The Future Ain't The Same As It Used 2 B
  • Zapp
    It Doesn't Even Matter
  • John Heckle 
    The 4th Dimension
  • Melba Moore 
    You Stepped Into My Life
  • Kerri Chandler, Arnold Jarvis 
  • New Guinea
    Open Paths
  • Havin' A Party
  • George Smallwood & Marshmallow
    Lady Disco Demo
  • Eddie Palmieri 
    Que Suene La Orquesta
  • A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes 
    Oh My God
  • Yasuko Agawa 
    L.A. Nights
  • Linda Clifford 
    Runaway Love
  • Renee Geyer 
    Be There In The Morning
  • Lijadu Sisters
    Orere-Elejigbo (JM Edit)
  • New Sector Movements 
    My History (Raw Rub)
  • Aisha 
    Raise Your Voice
  • Sceptre
    Unknown Track