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Alexander Nut w/ El-B

London, 04.05.21

With Alexander Nut

Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins NTS every other Tuesday evening for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.


  • Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble
    Keep Your Mind Free
  • Kiefer 
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine
  • Children Of Zeus 
    No Love Song
  • Devin The Dude 
    You Got No Time To Play
  • Patrick Paige II 
    So They Say
  • John Carroll Kirby 
  • Dreamcastmoe 
    Left Foot Right
  • 10.4 Rog
    Barrio Kart 150cc
  • Jonna (Marcellus Pittman mix) 
    Jus Move (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
  • Kaidi Tatham 
  • EVM128 
    Bun Dat
  • Dego
    What’s An Inferiorty Complex
  • Karima
    Crab Ride
  • - EL-B
    In The Mix
  • Moses Boyd & Katy-B
    Far Gone (Ghost Remix)
  • EL-B Feat.Tailor Jae
    City Life (Gd4ya)
  • SW2 
    All 4 You
  • EL-B
    (Practical Rhythms)
  • Sw2 Feat. Moses Boyd
    Dirty South (Gd4ya)
  • Bumpy Johnson
    Opus (White Label)
  • EL-B
  • Groove Chronicles
    You Don't Know
  • SW2 (El-B mix) 
    All 4 You (El-B Remix)
  • El-B 
    Dusk Til Dawn
  • EL-B
    Spacek (Gd4ya Promo)
  • El-B, SW2 
    Streatham Bop
  • Roxy, El-B 
  • EL-B
    On Site (Gd4ya Promo)