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Soup To Nuts w/ Shy One

London, 24.05.23

With Shy One

DJ & producer Shy One oversees the chatroom nonsense and brings that necessary get-up-and-go vibe every other hump day…


  • Flaty 
    Goblin Sograda
  • Jack J 
    I Saw Fire
  • Michael J Blood
    Go Figure (DEMO)
  • Ja'net DuBois 
    Queen Of The Highway
  • Raphael Saadiq 
    Sky's The Limit (Instrumental)
  • Ben Hauke 
    It Weren’t A Satellite
  • Radio Galaxy
    The Reaper
  • A Tribe Called Quest 
    Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
  • Norvis Jr. 
    do kNo that...
  • Brownstone 
  • Sulata 
    Never (Tumau Mix)
  • Teremoana
    Beautiful People Deez Mix
  • Ardijah feat. Tha Field Style 
    Way Around U (All City Remix)
  • Rick Clarke 
    Gonna Make You Happy
  • Intro 
    Love Thang
  • Aaliyah 
    If Your Girl Only Knew (The New Remix)
  • Destiny's Child feat. Static, Timbaland (Timbaland mix) 
    Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)
  • Omar 
    Walk In The Park
  • Soul II Soul 
  • Peven Everett 
  • The Streets 
    Who Got The Funk?
  • Wildcookie 
    On The Road
  • P*Nut
    Aint Missing U Ft Brett
  • Malik Abdul-Rahman
    Sidestreets + Streetlights
  • Prince Paul feat. Steinski 
  • Denzel Himself
  • Jazzdelic 
    Game Over (Slow, U Blow Mix)
  • Lord Of The Underground
    Tic Toc (Remix)
  • DJ 4our 5, Pete Rock CL Smooth feat. Method Man 
    Half Man Half Amazing
  • Pharcyde
  • Malik Abdul-Rahmaan
    Sherfiah’s Theme
  • Drexciya 
    Organic Hydropoly Spores
  • Fuschimuschi 
    Super Sexy Lady (Old School)
  • Sahko Recordings
    Fancy Theme