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NTS Guide to: Music of Afghanistan

London, 15.05.24

A brief two-hour window into the unfathomably rich and storied music of Afghanistan – a musical heritage which reflects the country’s unique geographical position and status as a central point in a melting pot of cultures.

The show mostly features recordings from before the outbreak of Afghanistan’s civil war in 1979, or by Afghans living in exile. Music was banned under the Taliban’s initial rule, and since their return to power in 2022, Afghanistan is once again silent.


  • 0:00:08
    Mohammad Hussain Sarahang
  • --:--
    Essa Qasimi
    Side 2
  • 0:22:20
    Ustad Moh'med Omar 
    Rubab Solo
  • Mohammed Omar, Ghol Alam 
    Shah Kokojan
  • The Ensemble Of Rahim Takhari
    Nâzanin Tu Bewafâ Nabudim (My Love, You Haven_t Been Unfaithful) .
  • Gada Mohammad
    Chahârbaiti Koshki
  • Musa Jan, Zahir Jan 
    Pashtu Ghazal
  • Ustad Mohamma
  • Unknown Artist
    Musique Du Nord De L'Afghanistan Jouée Au Rabab Accompagnée D'un Tabla Et D'un Tampura
  • Ustad Mohammah
  • Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz, Gada Mohammad, Azim Hassanpur 
    Chahârbeiti Siâhmu Wa Jalali
  • Lute & Safdar
    " Hazara Char Bayti"
  • Various
    Musique Classique Afghane De La Tradition De L'Inde Du Nord, Jouée Du Rabab Accompagnée D'un Tabla Et D'un Tampura
  • The Radio Afghanistan Orchestra
  • Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz
    Nan Mai Dowrai A Wolei (Today, I Saw Her)
  • Various
    Solo De Tumbur Accompagnée Au Tabla
  • Chatam
    Come With Me To The Priest (To Get Married)
  • Kuchi People
    Chant De Caravane
  • Turdi Qol
  • Yar Mohammad
    Baluch Liku
  • Various
    Chant Accompagné Par Un Ritchak Et Un Zer-Barhali
  • Telah Mohammed 
    Pashtu Pashtuna (Jalalabad Style)
  • Members Of The Radio Afghanistan Orchestra 
    Chard Jafā Mekoni Ay Dilbar (Lovers' Complaint)
  • " Ensemble Of Northern Afghanistan"
    For Dambura And Voice, Tasak, Zerbaghali, Recorded In Sholgera On March 26, 1967
  • Kadim And Malang
    Dhol Solo With Harmonium
  • Herat Ensemble
    For Dotar, Zerbaghali, Tasak And Voice, Recorded In Qala-I Rig, Zindajan District On March 9, 1967
  • Mohammad Shahab & Ghader No Palang
    Uzbek Rhythms