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Persian Nostalgia 90s edition w/ Aria HomieBaba

London, 28.08.23

The origins or this mix came together in lockdown when I was nostalgic for the long road trips I used to take with my family as a kid growing up in Tehran in the 90s. A typical road trip would take us from the overcrowded polluted capital through the Alborz mountains towards the Caspian Sea where we would spend long summer holidays by the beach.

At the time of putting this together I was inspired to work with voice actor, Pedram Shahrabadi who lives in Tehran to come up with some fake adverts we could sprinkle through the mix. The best 3 are presented at the start of the mix. With the exception more recent tunes from Tohi, Mohamed Ramadan and Mezdeke this is the music that makes my perfect 90s Persian nostalgia road trip. I hope one day in the future I'll be able to go back to Iran and take that road trip again.

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  • Aria HomieBaba
    Man Amade'am Taxi (Fake Advert)
  • Faramarz Aslani
    Age Ye Rooz
  • Aria HomieBaba
    BolBol Travel (Fake Advert)
  • Faramarz Aslani
    Del Asireh
  • Aria HomieBaba
    Gharibeh Ashenah Dating (Fake Advert)
  • Googoosh
    Gharibeh Ashenah
  • Ebi
    Nazi Naz Kon
  • Vigeun
    Chera Nemiraghsi
  • Black Cats 
    جون خودت = Jooneh Khodet
  • Hassan Shamaeezadeh
  • Tohi
    Bah Man Miraghsi (Feat. Sami Beigi)
  • Kaoma 
  • Gipsy Kings 
  • Modern Talking 
    Cheri, Cheri Lady
  • Black Cats 
    Rhythm Of Love
  • Khaled 
  • Mohamed Ramadan
    Bum Bum
  • Mezdeke
    Ya El Yelil