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The Early Bird Show w/ Spirit Blue & Lylla

London, 22.03.23

With impey, Spirit Blue, Sleepier

In celebration of Nowruz, Spirit Blue invite Lylla to play a selection of traditional and contemporary Persian music – including parts of her late grandmother's extensive cassette collection ('maman bozorg'), which she found in the family home in Esfahan during her pilgrimage to the motherland in November 2021.


  • 0:00:15
    Suso Sáiz 
    Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
  • 0:04:46
    Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors 
  • --:--
    L. Enriquez E La Sua Orchestra 
    Danza Gentile N. 1
  • Kenji Endo 
    Curry Rice
  • The Vernon Spring 
    The Hum III (Reprise)
  • Nosaj Thing 
  • Branko Mataja 
    Tesko Mi Je Zaboravit Tebe / It's Hard To Forget You
  • Amanda Whiting 
    Time Stands Still
  • Elysian Spring 
    Blue Sands
  • Group Listening 
    Sunset Village
  • Leland Whitty 
  • Patrice Rushen 
    (She Will) Take You Down To Love
  • Cate Le Bon 
    The Light
  • Makoto Matsushita 
    Resort For Blue
  • Voice Actor
    Carefully Ch
  • Sessa 
    Gostar Do Mundo
  • Dorothy Ashby 
    Wax And Wane
  • Hossein Hamidi
  • Kourosh Kanani
  • Negar Bouban
    The Tree
  • Majid Entezami
    Moazzen Zadeh's Azan, Bayat Turk
  • Bijan Mofid 
    Na Dige In Vase Ma Del Nemishe
  • Hamed Habibpour
    Lost Eternity (سنتور تنها (ابدیت گم‌شده
  • Abdolhosein Mokhtabad
    Taknavazi Ghanoon, Pt. 2
  • Googoosh (گوگوش)
    Dorahi (دو راهی)
  • Mazyiar
  • Kourosh Yaghmaei 
  • مرجان 
    کی صدا کرد منو
  • Farzin
  • Saeed Dehghan
    One step away from light
  • Roberta Flack 
    Feel Like Makin' Love
  • dreamcastmoe
    Floral Place
  • Eddie Chacon, John Carroll Kirby 
    Step by Step