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Alien Jams w/ Aircode

London, 01.09.20

Initially started as a radio show, London-based Alien Jams has since evolved into a record label, event series and more - widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, industrial, electro, EBM and noise. The label from founder and DJ Chloe Frieda has long nurtured local artists and released music from rkss, Wilted Woman, Karen Gwyer, Beatrice Dillon, YAWS, and oMMM.


  • Aircode
    No Fun
  • Ssaliva 
  • June Chikuma 
    Mujo to Ifukoto
  • I.Ruuu/ Cammack Lindsay
    Extraction Property
  • Priscilla Ermel 
    Corpo Do Vento
  • Henning Christansen
    Love Story
  • Nick Klein
  • Yeah You 
    Brackla / clergy
  • Mark 
    Incantation For The Protection Of JC
  • Horizontal Phase 
    Problem Reverse
  • Sly & The Family Drone 
    Shrieking Grief
  • Thoom
    Sound Of A Heavy Stone
  • Yantan Ministry
    Raw Red Redux
  • 0comeups
    Yat Wound
  • Jealousy Party + Nicolas Wiese
    Relative Memory Preview 4
  • Commode
  • Aircode
    Its Time To MOVE (You-Gi-Oh OST Edit)
  • Rognvald 
    Depot Drum
    Hateblade [-7%]
  • N&A&A
    Job Search
  • Dj Roswell
    Sounds From Hell
  • Drumloop X Dj Hidden X 703
    KME Season Finale Edits
  • Bebe Yama
    Ain’t Over
  • Crystal Castles 
    Tell Me What To Swallow
  • 33EMYBW 
    Tentacle Centre
  • Sa Pa 
  • Animalistic Beliefs
    Ojo De Las Grayas
  • Brassfoot 
    Unlucky Charms
  • O Yuki Conjugate (O Yuki Conjugate mix) 
    Insect-Talk (O Yuki Conjugate 2018 Remix)