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Aloha Got Soul Presents: Home Grown

Hawaii, 17.02.20

An exploration into obscure, underground, and lesser known music from Hawaii, bound not by genre or generation but by a connection to the islands.


  • Ian Taylor Feat. Mike Watson
    Water, Wind, And Sand
  • Babaji Bob Kindler
    Spring Of Dreams, Chamber Of Wonder
  • Cindy Combs
    Land Of The Endless Summer
  • Cool Breeze
    Manoa Mist
  • Corey Fujimoto
  • Davo
    July 11, 1991
  • Dennis And Christy Soares
    All Cats Are Gray At Night
  • Gerardo Maza
  • Eastbound 
    Is It You?
  • Manila Machine 
    Poor Loser
  • Dae Han 
  • Jason Gay
  • Ian Taylor Feat. Mike Watson
    Sea Jam