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Aloha Got Soul Presents: Home Grown

Hawaii, 30.09.19

An exploration into obscure, underground, and lesser known music from Hawaii, bound not by genre or generation but by a connection to the islands.


  • Denny Guy
    Say You’ll Be With Me
  • Sweet Marie 
    Another Feelin'
  • Rainbow Water
  • Glenn Pinho 
  • Copper Nickel 
    To Love Again
  • Gordon Broad 
    Righteous Morning
  • Juan Domico
    I’ll Remember You
  • Glen Auna
  • George Street 
    Magic Lady
  • Harry Sonoda 
    Where Seagulls Fly
  • Harry Sonoda 
    Waves (Instrumental)
  • Loyal Garner 
    Lahaina Roadstead
  • Joanie Komatsu 
    The Winds Of Moloka`i Daylight
  • Jamie Sagawinit
    Smiles Of Happiness
  • Ed Roy
    Sweet Island Love
  • Rick Bereman 
    Love Will Come Again
  • Dennis Soares
    One World