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Altered Soul Experiment w/ Amila

Berlin, 01.04.21

Amila, the founder of Altered Soul Experiment brings monthly transmissions of soul, boogie, disco and his Search For Peace series, covering soothing and cerebral ambient jazz and fourth world selections.


  • Juanita Daily
    Love Hurts
  • Beverley Knight 
  • Angie Stone 
  • Erykah Badu 
  • Jumani 
    We Can Work It Out (Instrumental)
  • Bassline Feat Lorraine Chambers
    You've Gone
  • Rene Diggs
    All My Love
  • Marva Hicks 
    One Good Reason
  • Marva Hicks 
    I Got You Where I Want
  • Danny Madden 
    Facts Of Life
  • Devox Ft Angie Stone
    Let It Go
  • J.T. Taylor 
    Feel The Need