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Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone

London, 17.03.16

With Andrew Weatherall

Techno-punk legend Andrew Weatherall plays his favourites past and present; ranging from contemporary indie bands to the pounding 909s of early acid house.


  • Sexton Ming 
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Nectarine No. 9
    Tape Your Head On
  • The Tindersticks
    How He Entered
  • Colin Newman 
    Seconds To Last
  • Show Me The Body 
    Space Faithfull
  • Claudio Cremonesi 
    Inner Path To Outer Space (Live)
  • The Immaculate Rivombo 
    Stairway To Love Dungeon
  • Liuid G
    The Power Of Self Destruction
  • Die Zwei 
    Grapsch! (The Communist Party Mix)
  • Tara Butler 
    Up Against The Version
  • Family Fodder 
    Dinosaur Sex
  • Metamono 
    Cloth Ears
  • Stinky Jim
    Get Ready To Talk
  • Scientist
    Dub Attraction
  • African Roots
    So Much Dub
  • Sonny Smith 
    Chapter 5. Ayahuaska
  • Be 
  • Emily Hell
  • Scott Fagan 
    In My Head
  • Nectarine No. 9
    Unloaded For You
  • Kettel 
    Here Comes The Gang
  • Kettel 
  • Andrew Weatherall
    No Sway