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Anthony Chalmers w/ Iggor

London, 17.08.20

Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut at Corsica Studios as well as Raw Power Festival, visits NTS for a monthly showcase of his heavy collection, which spans jazz, dub, stoner rock, psych and experimental music.


  • Golden Ashes 
    Drifting Slowly Through The Portal Of Sorrow Towards The Void Of Death
  • Acavernus & Yantra
    Hiper Excitacao & Enigma
  • Muslin Gauze
    Jordan River
  • Lucrecia Dalt
  • J.Zunz
  • Roe Deers
    Hide And Seek
  • Krokakai 
    Bodhran Beat
  • Tibetan Buddhist Chants Of Namgyal Monastery X Old Tower
    Loremaster (Mudo Refix)
  • Yawanawa
    Xoxo Parante
  • Piet Dierickx 
    Brewing tea in the shadow of a missile
  • Lykos
    Rapsodia Sciamanica
  • Cardopusher
    Abbys Antidote
  • Deafkids And Petbrick
    Sweat Drenched Wreck
  • NAH
    Ruby Fucking Red
  • Steve Von Till 
    Trail The Silent Hours