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Anthony Chalmers

London, 01.02.21

Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut at Corsica Studios as well as Raw Power Festival, visits NTS for a monthly showcase of his heavy collection, which spans jazz, dub, stoner rock, psych and experimental music.


  • Cybotron
    Sweet 16 / 9th Floor
  • Nilotika Cultural Ensemble 
    We Love Nilotika
  • Tomaga
    Intimate Intensity
  • Divide and Dissolve 
    It's Really Complicated
  • Algernon Cornelius
    Gentrify Me
  • Ko Shin Moon 
    Leïla Nova
  • Sarine
    Garden Of Stalemates
  • Blanck Mass 
  • Birdengine 
  • Nasurani
    Enthronement Ceremony
  • DTB and ITTA 
    Trembling Flower, Part 1
  • Pharoah Overlord
    Path Eternal