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Climbing Ombú w/ Arnaldo

Berlin, 09.08.17

Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo plays records on NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he owns it. He will play it.


  • Cigerrettes After Sex
    Each Time Yiu Fall In Love
  • Css Disco
    Des Taxis Pour Les Galaxies
  • Los Incas 
    Huayno De La Roca
  • Andrew Ashong 
    Love The Way
  • Mtume 
    Juicy Fruit
  • Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth 
  • Arthur Russel
  • Arthur Russel
  • Skat Brothers
    Walk The Night
  • The Clash 
    The Cool Out
  • Evans Pyramid 
    Never Gonna Leave You
  • Prince, Sheena Easton 
    U Got The Look
  • Daft Punk 
    Da Funk
  • Arnaldo
    177 Down Low
  • Mike Inc & Alter Ego
    Space Marines
  • Efdemin
  • Arnaldo
    Summer From Inside
  • Rot Davis Jnr
  • Men Without Hats (Mick Evans, Neil Lockwood mix) 
    Safety Dance (UK Remix)
  • Gloria Sexton
    Love I'd A Hurting Thing
  • Evelyn "Champagne" King 
    Love Come Down
  • Alexander Robotnick 
    Problèmes D'Amour