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Tough Matter - Request Line Special Pt 2

Manchester, 19.12.20

The second episode of the series features a collection of music, sound recordings, and voice notes that people have been sending to the open deck phone request line. Relating to wider themes of mourning, grieving, lamenting, and ritual in Dead Yard, the exhibition by R.I.P. GERMAIN as part of Languid Hands No Real Closure curatorial programme at Cubitt Gallery.


  • Bill Daggs
    We Build These To Remember Them
  • Rose Royce 
    Wishing On A Star
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble 
  • Josefine Huebler
    Mein Song
  • Violeta Parra 
    Verso Por Desengaño
  • Robert Vanderbilt 
    A Message Especially From God
  • Erykah Badu 
  • Mania Godarzani-Bakhtari
    Angle Of Light
  • Eleni Poulou
  • John Fahey 
    Requiem For John Hurt
  • Feist 
    Caught A Long Wind
  • Asher Gamedze