Tough Matter

Manchester, 19.01.19

Tough Matter is a platform that facilitates experimentation, collaboration and conversation with a series of ongoing projects which include a series of artist commissions, interviews, live shows and radio broadcasts with invited guests working predominantly across visual arts and music.


  • Onyx Collective feat. Sporting Life
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto ( Yves Tumor mix )
    Zure (Yves Tumor Obsession Edit)
  • Moon B
  • Budgie
    Want 2 Love U
  • Ras G
    Heat And Feather (Maat)
  • Lee Bannon
    Untitled PE Instrumental 1
  • Seven Davis Jr.
    Come & Go
  • Denzel Himself
    State Ya Claim
  • Jay Daniel
  • Children Of Zeus
    8 To Five Feat. Milano Constantine
  • Durag Dynasty
    360 Waves
  • Swishahouse & Magno
    I Really Believe It
  • Ashley Holmes
    U Have Someone
  • Dean Blunt
    Walls Of Jericho
  • Chrystall Mess
    Interlude For The Dropouts
  • Teana Taylor
    It Could Just Be Love (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  • Uninamise
    Rise Of The Wolves
  • Hitmaker Chinx
    Boo'd Up
  • Elheist
  • Africa HiTech
    One Two (Instrumental)
  • Gappy Ranks
    Stinkin Rich
  • Budgie
    Never Alone
  • Erykah Badu
    Tyrone (Album Version Live)
  • Hurricane
    Potential Feat. Jon

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