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Athens of the North

Edinburgh, 20.02.20

Edinburgh based party and reissue label present rarities and classics every month. image: Billy Bruner, 1979


  • Messias Of Glory
    How I Got OVer
  • Barnard Drake
    Ive Been Untrue
  • Wee 
    Try Me
  • Nel Oliver 
    You Are My Dream
  • Twinn Konnexion 
    Don't Fight The Love
  • Peoples Pleasure
    Dreaming Our Lifes Away
  • E.S. Funk 
    Funny Feeling
  • Premonition 
    Don't Act Like A Fool
  • Marshal Donovan Broomfield
    Since I Found My Baby
  • Frank Boatwrgiht
    Only You
  • Jus' Us 
    Just Us Together
  • Celeste Hardie
    Making New Friends
  • Jodesha & Star Ride 
    Star Ride
  • East Coast Love Affair
  • East Coast Love Affair
  • Ad-Libs 
    I Don't Need No Fortune Teller