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Baba Stiltz w/ Tao Lin

London, 22.09.22

With Baba Stiltz

Guitar music, electronic musings and heady explorations with Baba Stiltz.


  • Frankie Cosmos 
    I Do Too
  • Grimes 
  • Don Caballero 
    The Peter Criss Jazz
  • Intel
    Roll On
  • Stereolab 
    Tomorrow Is Already Here
  • Modest Mouse 
    Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset
  • Modest Mouse
    Making Everyone Happy / Mechanical Birds
  • Metric 
    Calculation Theme
  • Twin Sister 
    I Want A House
  • Ramshackle Glory 
    Bitter Old Man
  • Swearin' 
    Big Change
  • Swearin' 
    Fat Chance
  • Defieance, Ohio
    Oh, Susquehanna!
  • J Mascis 
    A Little Ethnic Song
  • Bloomsday
    Jersey Soccer
  • Neva Dinova feat. Bright Eyes 
  • bob hund 
    Det Skulle Vara Lätt För Mig Att Säga Att Jag Inte Hittar Hem Men Det Gör Jag; Tror Jag
  • Advertisement
    Material Man
  • Neonic Sundrive 
    Before Your Eyes
  • BJM
    The Real
  • Honey Radar
    Drums In Your Mouth, Volume 1
  • Boyracer 
  • Unknown
    Little Red Radio