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Baba Stiltz

London, 22.12.23

With Baba Stiltz

Guitar music, electronic musings and heady explorations with Baba Stiltz.


  • 0:00:31
    Bob Minner
    Liam’s Lullaby
  • 0:04:02
    John Fahey 
    Christ's Saints Of God Fantasy
  • 0:14:20
    The American Analogue Set
    Where Did You Come From?
  • Julie Doiron 
    Will You Still Love Me In December?
  • Broadcast 
    Tender Buttons
  • Silver Jews 
    Bar Scene From Star Wars
  • Loren Connors & Jim Ourourke
    Still Going…
  • Baba Stiltz
    Intro (PT Atlantis Session)
  • Curtis, Licht, Roberts 
    May 99A
  • Cyrus Pireh 
    Adomono Tone Control
  • Otomo Yoshihide, Taku Sugimoto 
    Untitled 1
  • Vítor Rua & Vidya Ensemble
  • Kyuhee Park 
    'Adagietto' from Symphony No.5 (Gustav Mahler)