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Dance Music Show w/ Bell Towers

Berlin, 23.03.21

With Bell-Towers

Prolific producer + DJ from Melbourne, Australia - Bell Towers presents his Dance Music Show.


  • George Spruce, Freestyle Man 
  • St Germain (Nightmares On Wax mix) 
    Rose Rouge (Rerub)
  • Rei Harakami
    On (Ian O’Brian Remix)
  • Len Lewis 
    Tik Tok
  • Aksel & Aino
    Ginko (Nice Girl Remix)
  • Alex Kassian 
    Spirit Of Eden
  • Luomo 
    Talk In Danger
  • After Hours Links
  • Taras Bulba
    Pierres Sacradees (Yucca Mu Edit)
  • Heart Sphere 
    E.R. (Emergency Relief) (Piano Mix)
  • DJ City 
    Space Ballad
  • Mike Francis 
    Night Time Lady