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Test Pressing w/ Jamie Tiller - 2013 Mix

London, 21.10.23

With Apiento

Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Test Pressing blog and releases music on World Building, World Unknown and more. His show has that esoteric techno thing and whatever suits the mood…


  • Lexx 
    Here And Now
  • Janice Walker 
    You'll Never Need Somebody (Disco 45 Mix)
  • Janice Walker (Androo mix) 
    You'll Dub (Synth Mix)
  • a.s.o. 
    Rain Down (Purelink's Say Less Mix)
  • 06 Hydroplane
    The Love You Bring
  • Coral D
    Relax Get Done
  • Jamie Tiller
    Mix From 2013