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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 19.07.20

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Kaap
    Basics 002. Indigo Aera
  • Oli Furness
    Roll That Booty. Music Is Love
  • Posthuman 
    The Depth
  • Moon Boots Feat. Kaleena Zanders
    Juanita (Mark Broom Remix). Anjunadeep
  • Jonno & Gibson 
    Night At The Disco
  • Tony Lovelesss, K-Alexi 
    State of Emergency
  • Markus Suckut 
  • Secluded
    BD.201. Secluded
  • Andre_Kronert
    Paradox. Teksupport
  • Tripmastaz 
    My B Is B Than Yours
  • Steve Parker 
    Trip To Saturn
  • Secluded
    BD.204. Secluded
  • Lyric 
    Social Distance
  • Mark Flash 
    Voice Of Detroit
  • Josh Reeves
    XTC (Mark Broom Remix V2). Unreleased
  • Deadwalkman
    Timelessness. GND
  • Fergus Sweetland (Rene Wise mix) 
    Counting The Numbers (Rene Wise Remix)
  • Secluded
    BD.202. Secluded
  • Divide (Pfirter mix) 
    Processo (Pfirter Remix)
  • Juan Sanchez 
    Rude Request
  • A. Morgan
    Broken. Animal Farm
  • Karras Martinez
    Interactive. UKR
  • Fergus Sweetland 
    The Virus Desire
  • Vinicius Honorio
    Metamorphosis. ARTS
  • Gabriella Vergilov 
    High Octane
  • S-File (Mark Broom mix) 
    Things Have Changed (Mark Broom Remix)
  • Dj Onktion 
    The Mole
  • Industrialyzer 
  • Kastil + Irazu
    Kunawar. ISSXI
  • DJ Rush
    That's Jack!. Knee Deep
  • Lester Fitzpatrick
    CB3 1. UKR
  • Mark Broom 
  • Romain Richard 
    Pump That beat
  • Gary Martin (Ryan Elliott mix) 
    Berlisque (Ryan Elliot Remix)
  • Truncate 
  • Giordanø 
    Spiritual Capacity
  • History Of Beatrice
    Monologue Of Tyrans. MHZ
  • A4 (ES)
    Adherence. Illegal Alien
  • Robert Hood 
    The Redeemer
  • DJ T-1000
    New Acceleration. Pure Sonik
  • Mark Broom
    Subura. Unreleased
  • Surgeon
    Run Run Run Run. ANGLS
  • DJ Rush
    Pleasure Drum. Knee Deep
  • SRVD 
    In The Dark
  • DJ Haus (Shed mix) 
    Bit Too Deep (Shed Remix)
  • Troy
    Y.B. Indigo Aera
  • VNNN.
    Radost. THe Third Room
  • Yan Cook
    Lunar Orbiter (Thanos Hana Remix). (R)3volution
  • Surgeon 
    We Must All Do Better
  • Adriana Lopez 
    Blank Stare
  • Joton
    The Wolf Inside. INNSIGNN
  • Ritzi Lee
    Functional 004. Prophet
  • Divide
    Voltage. SRIE
  • Pfirter 
  • Stanislav Tolkachev
    After A While. Prophet
  • Planetary Assault Systems 
    Huddler's Source Of Wonder
  • Industrialyzer 
    Vacation To Reality Ver2
  • Vladw
    Arma002 .SRIE
  • Phara 
    Life Of Krumar
  • Oscar Mulero 
    Natural Resources
  • Dotdat
    Subtrap. KSR
  • Surgeon 
    Invisible Enemy
  • Michal Jablonski
    On Own Beach. Prophet
  • City 2 City 
  • Reflec