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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 22.05.21

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Skee Mask 
    CZ3000 Dub
  • Deano 
    Curveball #6
  • Shindoe
    Distranction. Axis
  • HLX-1
    Come To Me (13130 Space Project Remix). Seclusion
  • Neel 
    Onde & Catene
  • Solid Gold Playaz 
    Let Me See You Jack
  • DJ Bruce Lee
    Vibe. Unreleased
  • Niall Farrall
    Pause... Breathe (RISC Remix). UKR
  • Deano 
    Curveball #5
  • Truncate
    Work Ya Ass (Sims JFF Edit). Unreleased
  • Subradeon 
    Red Mutants
  • Dompe
    Lemon Ice. Jackfruit
  • Mark Broom
    Summer Slam. Unreleased
  • Mr. G 
    Late Nite @ Montechello (D's Very Late Nite Mix)
  • Pushmann
    The Gallery (Ben Sims Hardgroove Remix). Matterwave
  • Mark Broom
    Game. Unreleased
  • Linear System 
  • Inter Gritty & Exon Banks
    Yellow (Nihad Tule Remix). RISE NKPG
  • Thanos Hana 
  • Alarico
    Cut 2. Float
  • Ribé 
  • Chontane
    Ivy. ARTS
  • Sebastian Kramer 
  • Taupe
    Jigsaw. Indigo Aera
  • Peter Van Hoesen 
    Oker Cosby
  • Alarico
    Cut 1. Float
  • Mark Broom
    April. Unreleased
  • Barrow Boy
    Astoria. Bandcamp Exclusive
  • Planetary Assault Systems 
    Bang Wap
  • Disruptive Pattern Material (DJ Bone mix) 
    Necessary (DJ Bone Remix)
    The Formation, Present
  • Ecilo 
    Space Story From Her
  • Orbe 
    Martian Colony Ever Went Independent
  • Decoder
    The Futurist . Antiterra
  • Vinicius Honorio
    Medusa. Lehman Musik
  • Marcal
    Neuropeptide. Unreleased
  • Elektrabel
    Differences. Legend 1997
  • Gotshell
    Camp. Sleaze
  • Divide
    Rimpianti. AWRY
  • Decka
    Self Actualisation. N&N
  • Tranlate
    Nyquist. Unknown
  • Mal Hombre
    Cut. Unknown
  • Diego Amura
    Straight . Ribbon
  • Kaiser 
    Tip Of A Marker (Digi Only)
  • Cosmic Xplorer, A Thousand Details, Linear System 
    Hyperloop Concept I ( Linear System Rmx )
    Voluvel. Unknown
  • Truncate, Ruskin 
    Sketch 2
  • The Plant Worker
    Sigma 1.4. Ecletic Limited
  • Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell 
  • Ecilo 
    Gravity Imagination
  • The Extraverse
    Radical Process. Dystant
  • Deniro (Marcel Dettmann mix) 
    Identifier (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  • Albert Salvatierra
    Echoes. Elart
  • Audio Units
    Command Control. Dynamic Reflection
  • BILY
    Patience (Juan Trujillo Remix). Chronium
  • Sterac 
    Lost Track 22
  • Cravo, VIL 
  • Kaiser 
    Practical Application
  • VIL
    Cobra (Ritzi Lee [R]3construction). [R]3volution)
  • DJ Balu
    Flash Back. DSTM
  • Unknown Artist
    Enter The Acid. Planet Rhythm
  • Sterac 
    Rey Fur 2.1
  • Nørbak 
    Direction Towards Chaos
  • Biri 
    Untitled Drift
  • Johannes Volk 
    Three Missing Puzzle Pieces
  • Optic Nerve 
  • Skee Mask 
    Collapse Casual
  • The Hacker Vs Commuter
    RBMK (MMT-8 Remix). Cultivated Electronics
  • Frankie Knuckles & Ricky Sinz
    Keep On Flying (Ben Sims 'Machine Funk' Remix). Suspected
  • The Exaltics Feat. Paris The Black Fu
    Dis Turb Ance Int He Tim Eline. Clone West Coast Series
  • VC-118A 
  • Cale Sexton 
  • Black Fan 
    Cuttlefish (7“ Mix)